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Mapping materials to textures Last updated 17 Oct 2014 00:19 by LukasPJ
In TSE it is necessary to "map" a Material to each texture that is used in the art tools. Think of the textures used in the arts tools as "tags" that TSE uses to apply something more complex than just a texture.
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Material Translucency Last updated 17 Oct 2014 00:18 by LukasPJ
Translucency and other effects such as specular make use of the alpha channel of the textures in the Material. In order to use this channel you must use .png or some other supported 32 bit file format for the texture.
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Mixed particle rendering Last updated 17 Oct 2014 00:18 by LukasPJ
Particles can be pretty expensive to render, this is especially true for particle systems with lots of big particles.
Imagine having 1000 particles, so big that they take up 1/8th of the screen. That means every pixel inside that 1/8th of the screen is rendered 1000 times, that is $2592*10^5$ pixels rendered every frame, just for the particles.
Thats a lot of pixels, and can cause a huge hit to FPS!
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Video tutorials for artists Last updated 16 Oct 2014 22:44 by LukasPJ

Ribbons Last updated 14 Oct 2014 23:22 by LukasPJ
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